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ModulesWISE produces the highest quality modules and themes for the WISECP automation system. It has achieved many successes in the sector. It became the FIRST theme and module producing company in WISECP. It has been providing trouble-free serv...

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CubeData is a small business focusing on custom development for Blesta & WHMCS & soon WISECP, including custom modules, plugins, and themes. We are responsible for popular modules including FraudRecord, OpenNebula, and Vultr, and are co...

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Genius Dynamics LTD, a software development company that redefines what it means to build great software solutions.

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Matt Saladna

[email protected]
California / United States

Producer of ApisCP, the Apis Networks Control Panel, an unrivaled hosting platform for modern websites since 2002. Focus is on building intelligent, self-healing hosting platforms with specialization in improving WordPress security.

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James Hadley

4746 292 008 44+
England / United Kingdom

Experienced, agile, business-focused software engineering company based in the UK since 2013. We work with a wide range of technologies to develop everything from modules and integrations to mobile apps, to complete systems.

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Dimitri Fasciani

[email protected]
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur / France

I am a young student passionate about IT from a very young age, I develop in PHP, HTML, NodeJS, API-REST in my spare time, I am not professional, but I learn from day to day!

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The WAGONN started its official activities in January 2018 and was established with the aim of producing solutions for computer software and designs. Together with our team that follows and develops technology, we are working with our customer...

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UX HTML5 / CSS web developer / & Graphic designer based Rennes - Bretagne

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"MIG-Studio" - Creation, development, production of sites of any level of complexity, maintenance and support of sites. We are a team of talented people with great ideas and creative minds. We are here to make everything efficient and ...

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I have been working as a full stack developer for 7 years, and I have been founder of RubikHost IT Services since 2019.

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