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We started our corporate journey as a local business in Bursa in 2002, aiming to provide Web Design, Web Hosting, and Domain Name Registration services. Over the years, we have successfully completed numerous projects and have continued to progress by keeping up with the latest technology trends in this field. As a proud user of WISECP Automation Software, our company has developed and utilized various WISECP modules to meet our own needs. Being the first Web Hosting Automation Software in Turkey and recognized as one of the leading software solutions in the industry, WISECP has been used by our company since its early days due to its status as a domestic project and its high-quality features. Moreover, we specialize in developing custom Modules, Components, and/or extensions for platforms such as WISECP, Opencart, Joomla, and other ready-made systems to cater to our customers' specific requirements.

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