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Be an important part of the constantly evolving and rapidly growing WISECP community, grow your business and earn with us.

For WISECP, you can develop modules, integrations, themes and many products and sell them globally on our Marketplace.

Facilities Provided to Developers

Developer License

An Developer License will be identified in your account. You can carry out all your dev works through your developer license.

Developer Panel

You can manage your products and provide many other process easily through your developer panel.

Developer Profile

It is published in the list of certified developers and you have a special developer profile page.


You can publish all your products on the marketplace, and offer your products to WISECP users for a fee or free of charge.

Feature Request Platform

You can follow the posts published on the "Feature Request Platform" through your developer panel, write comments with the developer tag and receive instant notifications.

Technical Support

You can contact our technical team at any time through our support system or our Discord channel.

Modular and Flexible Structure

Modular and flexible structure enabling custom modules, add-ons, themes and integrations development.

Ready Code and Examples

We provide ready-made code and examples for module, add-on, theme and integration work.

Detailed Developer Documents

Guiding documents, hooks, sample code structures and more for all kinds of development work.

Now it's time to move!

As a WISECP developer, you can reach thousands of users worldwide and earn high-level revenue.

We'd be happy to see you among us.

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