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VeriTeknik B.V.

[email protected]
70 20 875 235 09+
Ankara / Turkey


Masters' degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Former C/C++ programmer. IoT Fan. PCI-DSS expert & data center owner.

I completed the thesis assertion about Video on Demand Systems in 2002. Designed Reliable UDP for better video transfers across the WAN and have published IEEE proceedings about the protocol.

Established VeriTeknik data center in 2004 and offered design + engineering services to data center customers. VeriTeknik is offering niche services such as high availability, load balancing, and PCI-DSS infrastructure deployment.

In 2019, four C-Level co-workers from VeriTeknik established Onlayer as a rating company that analyses the banks' VPOS merchants. Our startup PCI Checklist raised 1.2M Turkish Liras from a VC at the seed level.
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